Stanley Bay and I swear the last Hong Kong photos that I will inflict on you.

Stanley Bay was almost the last destination on the tour. We liked it enough that we just decided to stay. It was a nice break after being confined to cities for the whole week. Fun people watching, and probably my favorite part of the trip. Partly because who really needs more than a glass of wine and a view of the sea. And also because it was our last night after ten days, and I was ready to be home with the kids. Even though they were having the time of their lives with Grammy The Incredible who flew in from Kentucky to be with them. Don't know what we would have done without her. 

This Superkid volunteered to play, and a huge audience formed around him as he killed it on Stairway to Heaven and Sweet Home Alabama (which I will admit was surreal listening to, so far away from Alabama). I also realized, after seeing the group of teenage girls collect and swoon around him, that teaching your kid to play the guitar might be the most generous thing you can do for his future dating life. Or most dangerous… you pick. 

This is where we had dinner, and I'm sure overjoyed the waitstaff by the four hours we spent in one of their best seats on the upper deck. Damn tourists

I'm not sure, but I think Jason is posing for a Riunite commercial. Do you guys remember them? That's pure goodness, right there.

Great, that Riunite song is stuck in my head. And now I want to have a Riunite theme party.