Belated Happy Rainy Fourth of July

Sometimes success is about setting the bar low. For instance, if you see getting up out of bed in the morning as a personal triumph, then everything else you do is just overachieving. I mean, look at you... walking out to that mailbox, picking up that dry cleaning, eating that chicken salad sandwich with extra mayo... what are you some kind of prodigy?!

And that's how I see it with this blog... which let's face it, is now just a public scrapbook so that my Mom knows I'm still alive. So in the interest of low bar setting, I've decided to define success as posting photos of something that happened, while still in the actual month that it happened. Because I'm just a very hard worker like that.

So, Jason's sister and her family drove all the way from Tennessee to stay for the weekend. It was a great excuse to swim, and eat too much, and light things on fire.


Do you guys know about these food tent things? They were like $5 a piece at World Market, and a million dollars worth of avenging satisfaction. Also, maybe I have officially gone over the suburban deep end.


It stormed on our parade, so Jenny thought it would make a funny picture to have them all look upset.

But this is closer to how they really felt about it.


I hope you are all enjoying summer! I have no idea how it's already almost August. It feels like Christmas will be here in five minutes.