Weekend 10 + A Bag Giveaway

It stormed all weekend which made me happy. It's like the sky is giving you permission to stay home, drink wine, read, and do nothing that requires getting out of pajamas.

I also needed to rest after completing the most daunting task of the century, which is to have a photograph not only printed (!), but also framed. In a frame you guys. That I purchased at the store for framing. My friend Kristen aptly deemed this a miracle. So you can imagine that I needed the whole weekend to recover from accomplishing the 8th Wonder of The World. 

Crappy iphone pic of the majesty that is a framed photograph.

Crappy iphone pic of the majesty that is a framed photograph.

But then I got kinda full of myself and decided to try to actually hang it up. On an actual wall. On a hook. In my home. And that's when I realized I'm not cut out for so much ambition. 

The messy hallway between my girls' bedrooms.

The messy hallway between my girls' bedrooms.

Notice The Framed Photo that is just propped against the wall? That is the story of my life. Because I am apparently allergic hammers and nails and commitment. What if I put the hole in the wrong spot! And I'm way too lazy for all that measuring nonsense. So shut up for suggesting that Pinterest. I am an overwhelmed victim here.

So that's when I decided to switch to stickers. 

Because who can mess up sticking crap onto a bucket? Well, apparently I am also an expert at messing up basic children's crafts. 

However if you ask me, it was false advertising. Those stickers should have come with a prominent warning stating, "These will not stick to your Pinterest dreams. Just give up and drink more wine."

So that's what I did. 

We also sat around eating fajitas and watching Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets. I think I was the only one out of 20 million people who hadn't watched them. But if you are the other person who never watches late night anymore, they are celebrities reading the mean tweets that they get from people, and it is hilarious.

The kids hung around being ragamuffins and working on crafts that were more successful than mine. 

If you're in the US, I hope you're enjoying the long Memorial Weekend. I'd love to see your Weekend 10 pics, and I thought it would be fun to give another bag away.

To enter to win the style of your choice:

- Post a comment on this post with the link to your Weekend 10, and use the hashtag #Weekend10 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


Enter using this form: 

Last day to enter is 12:00 noon, CST on Friday. And I'll announce the winner here by 5pm CST. 

Have fun! xo

**UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS Elizabeth Ollinkoski! We'll be in touch soon! Thank you to everyone else for your entries. Have a great weekend!**

WEEKEND 10 + 10 Bag Giveaway!

I'm forever trying to make myself take more pictures of my family. I got to thinking, since I have more time on the weekends, maybe I'd just focus on that. And to make it more manageable, just give myself a goal of taking ten simple shots from Saturday and Sunday. Here's my first set. 

It's finally warm enough to sit outside in the mornings to have coffee. 

These are the miracle plants that I am proud of not murdering. Who knew they just needed water? 

I wouldn't say it's really warm enough to swim yet. But you know how kids are, smiling through the hypothermia, "I'm not cold!"

What did you do this weekend? If you want to play along with me on Mondays, just post a link to your ten images in the comments or hashtag #Weekend10 online. 

And to make it more fun, I thought I'd also give away ten Epiphanie bags. Over the years, they kind of stack up around my house. I might need a sample or have one produced that doesn't go into production. As a result, I have a closet full of new bags that I'm always pushing on my friends or donating. But I think it would be fun to give them to you! Some of them are colors that have never been produced, so if you win, you'd truly have a one of a kind bag. 

It's hard to see my shirt, but it's from very talented Miss  Farrah Braniff . Check sells lots of cute  photography related things , and just came out with  a fantastic book about how to photograph your children . 

It's hard to see my shirt, but it's from very talented Miss Farrah Braniff. Check sells lots of cute photography related things, and just came out with a fantastic book about how to photograph your children

There are two ways to enter: 

1. Follow me on Instagram using the form below.


2. Post a link to your Weekend 10 in the comments below. If you didn't take any photos this weekend, post a link to 10 images from any weekend. Don't forget to include your email so we can contact you! 

*Note: Entrants linking in the comments will be added separately, so don't worry about using the form below if you don't have Instagram

*Bonus Entry: Follow me on Twitter using the form below.

Ten winners will be chosen at random by noon on Friday, and announced here by 5pm CST. If you're curious, the bags I'm giving away are: Caramel and Slate Blue Ginger, Turquoise and Red Clover, Mustard Lyric, Fuchsia Belle, Chevron Charlotte, Caramel Lola, Turquoise and Teal Sydney. We'll take bag choices in the order emails are received. 

Have fun!

Sorry, we posted the winners on Daily Epiphanie, and I forgot to link to it from here. You can find all the winners on THIS POST. Thanks for playing everyone! If you're one of the lucky ones, you should have received an email. Or you can email support(at)epiphaniebags(dot)com.

I still have a bunch of bags in my closet, so I'll do this again sometime soon. And I'll be posting the Weekend10 here every Monday. Would love for you to come back and share links to yours too!   xo