#Weekend10: Happy Easter!

A few shots from our weekend. About half of these were taken by Annie. She likes to steal my camera these days. :)

The Easter bunny brought Game Stop cards, because what else do you get for a 15 year old boy. And jewelry-making supplies, which made for a fun and meditative kind of afternoon.

There's been so much going on. Maybe I'll get to the place where I can write more about it. For now, I've been dipping my toe back into this space which used to be so familiar. Things have evolved so much online, and so much in my life, too. Sometimes I want to say all the messy things. Then I safely hide behind pretty pictures. I'm still finding the balance. But also feeling that thing that happens when you stop "being inspired" and start moving again. When you stop assessing and agonizing over being "right" or "perfect". And suddenly it's possible to be creative again. To let something go, so other things can come to life. I'm feeling the symbolism of Easter today.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, friends. x

Weekend 10

Things have been a really crazy around here lately. This past year has been full of transitions. And transitions are filled with uncertainty (my favorite!). So the result is a lot of worrying. And my mind starts to yell at me, "Control the things! You must control all the things!" And I'm too ADD for meditating and my body was made with no muscle mass, so yoga is out (don't tell me to go I can't I mean it). So I've been trying to get back into the habit of picking up my camera. It's always been a way of wrangling my mind into focusing on what is actually happening around me, now. Versus the endless reel of what ifs and what thens and how abouts and if I'd onlys. And I miss writing, too. I miss the creativity and connection of this space. I miss doing things for no justifiable reason other than it's fun. So here I go again (just like Whitesnake).

Pretending with all her might that it is summer already.

I don't think they caught him, but it helped that there was a frog in the rocks that they could only get if they went in.

A meticulous audience.

A meticulous audience.

"Next time can you not feed her on my favorite hand towel?"

"Next time can you not feed her on my favorite hand towel?"

She'd rather hand wash. So we run out of dish soap pretty much every day.

She'd rather hand wash. So we run out of dish soap pretty much every day.

Early Sunday morning, getting perfectly lost in TED talks and blogs, some that I haven't read in years.

Early Sunday morning, getting perfectly lost in TED talks and blogs, some that I haven't read in years.

So a few months ago she told me she hid a Kermit doll behind a gas can (I must have said I wasn't going to buy it). She said she put it there because "no one ever buys gas like that". She was so excited when I told her we were going to eat breakfast there after her sleepover, because she could FINALLY rescue him... Only to realize that apparently people do buy gas like that. Darn it. :|

“There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking & to say that it was good.” Brian Andreas. (One of my favorites)


We didn't have travel plans for Thanksgiving this year. But as the day approached, I wanted it to feel like more than the five of us just eating a regular old dinner at our regular old house. So at the last minute we decided to mix it up for an easy trip up the road.

It was the perfect kind of gloominess, like the sky is giving you permission do nothing but eat and sleep and be lazy. 

Which was great since everything was closed except for the movies and restaurants, anyway.

Thumb wars.

Thumb wars.

A visit to the TX State History museum, while we waited for The Hunger Games (in the IMAX theater attached). They had lots of educational movies, but the kids said they didn't want to watch a "learning movie". (we are stellar parents)

Then we continued to eat all the rest of the food in Texas.

Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner.

And a few shots from this weekend. We finally got the decorations finished. Not pictured a 20 minute argument over a 6 foot string of garland (Who It Belonged To!!!), with A Very Merry Christmas playing in the background. Because of course it was.

I hope you are all surviving the madness this year.

Happy Sunday. -xo


Just some random pictures I took around the house today, when I needed a break from the computer. It gets to be too much sometimes. All of the things. And I'm trying to get back into the habit of grabbing my camera. So it was a good excuse to get outside and away from the keyboard, even if I felt a little silly doing it.

This fern is determined to live, poor thing. I am a terrible plant mom. Most of her friends look like this:

And this:

Flowers from friends, obviously on their way out but I thought they were still kind of pretty, overexposed.

Flowers from friends, obviously on their way out but I thought they were still kind of pretty, overexposed.

But the seedling that Emily brought home from her class in a dixie cup a few months ago has survived the odds. She's a little beanstalk, and we have done exactly nothing to help her along either.

It always kind of astounds me that flowers can turn into food.

And Miss Draga. She lives upstairs in the kid's playroom. Her favorite food is applesauce. And Annie can rock her to sleep by mimicking the sway of a tree branch. She has a little personality, which I never knew was possible for a reptile. Just don't ask me to touch her... that's going too far.

I felt like a ding dong wandering around my house taking pictures of nothing in particular. When there were a billion other Things that I Should have been Doing. But afterwards, it made me happy. It reminded me how much I miss creating things. And it reminded me of my sweet friend Laurie who started the amazing site, Step Away From The Screen. She is an inspiration, that one. I think part of making time for things like this, is getting over how clumsy you feel at first.

Happy Thursday. xo

Belated Happy Rainy Fourth of July

Sometimes success is about setting the bar low. For instance, if you see getting up out of bed in the morning as a personal triumph, then everything else you do is just overachieving. I mean, look at you... walking out to that mailbox, picking up that dry cleaning, eating that chicken salad sandwich with extra mayo... what are you some kind of prodigy?!

And that's how I see it with this blog... which let's face it, is now just a public scrapbook so that my Mom knows I'm still alive. So in the interest of low bar setting, I've decided to define success as posting photos of something that happened, while still in the actual month that it happened. Because I'm just a very hard worker like that.

So, Jason's sister and her family drove all the way from Tennessee to stay for the weekend. It was a great excuse to swim, and eat too much, and light things on fire.


Do you guys know about these food tent things? They were like $5 a piece at World Market, and a million dollars worth of avenging satisfaction. Also, maybe I have officially gone over the suburban deep end.


It stormed on our parade, so Jenny thought it would make a funny picture to have them all look upset.

But this is closer to how they really felt about it.


I hope you are all enjoying summer! I have no idea how it's already almost August. It feels like Christmas will be here in five minutes.