Australia: Hamilton Island


I got back from Australia just about two weeks ago, and already it feels like a lifetime away. I've had trouble when thinking about how to write about this trip. Partly because it's been so long since I've blogged consistently. The few things I have written about are just promos or pretty pictures. And I hate the idea that I'm perpetuating some kind of myth that my life is only full of shiny smiles and vacations. For the record, it's not. Just today, (and really, on any average day), I've run the gamut of emotions reading other people's blog posts or status updates and thought, "wow, she has it so easy", or "why didn't I get invited?", or "I wish I had it all together, like her". I'm not sure we're (I'm) made to process so much information. And I hate the way the internet can make us feel sometimes.  

On the other hand, it's not every day that someone calls you out of the blue, and offers you the job of photographing a dream vacation. So I don't want to come across like I'm whining or ungrateful. I am. In fact, I'm still a little dumb-struck and unsure that this whole thing even happened. Every day there was unbelievable, in the best way.



You know how stuff that is a few months away always seems doable? Like when a friend asks if you want to run a marathon and you respond in horror because she's clearly trying to murder you. But then she clarifies that it's 3 months out and your response changes to, "Oh DEFINITELY! I'm for sure going to be an olympic athlete by then." And then the next day it's 3 months later, and of course you're still watching Housewives marathons and surfing Pinterest.

Behind the Scenes

There's so much that goes into the planning and design of each bag: drawings, samples that go back and forth until the prototype is perfect. It's a time-consuming process, and always exciting when the final bag arrives. Last week we announced two of our latest styles for Epiphanie: Sydney and Madison. I'm excited about them for their versatility. Both can be transformed from shoulder bags to backpacks. And the Sydney is super easy and slim to wear. 

Convertible bags... see what we did there? :) 

Fresh Start

I'm not going to go through the usual things people say when they haven't updated their blog in, oh, I don't know... a YEAR: "I'm sorry. It's been busy. The cat ate my password..." Because who knows if I'll be able to keep this one up either. I get on kicks. I get excited about something for five minutes. I have all kinds of intentions, and then life happens. Mostly "life" is work and projects, the constant shuffling of kids. But sometimes "life" is a Real Housewives marathon. So, while I'm under no delusions that the world needs another blog, I do miss it. I miss the creative outlet, and the feeling of doing something for no reason other than you like to do it.