#Weekend10: Happy Easter!

A few shots from our weekend. About half of these were taken by Annie. She likes to steal my camera these days. :)

The Easter bunny brought Game Stop cards, because what else do you get for a 15 year old boy. And jewelry-making supplies, which made for a fun and meditative kind of afternoon.

There's been so much going on. Maybe I'll get to the place where I can write more about it. For now, I've been dipping my toe back into this space which used to be so familiar. Things have evolved so much online, and so much in my life, too. Sometimes I want to say all the messy things. Then I safely hide behind pretty pictures. I'm still finding the balance. But also feeling that thing that happens when you stop "being inspired" and start moving again. When you stop assessing and agonizing over being "right" or "perfect". And suddenly it's possible to be creative again. To let something go, so other things can come to life. I'm feeling the symbolism of Easter today.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, friends. x