Senior Portraits: Aly

This is cute Aly. Her mom is my friend Kristi, who happens to be one of my oldest friends in Texas. We met eleven years ago when our kids were in the same preschool class. And you know if you can survive Sesame Street On Ice together, you can pretty much survive anything.

I went through a really hard time when we first moved here, having three little ones under the age of five, not knowing many people, and being away from my family. The Flaningans became that to us. We spent Thanksgivings and Christmases together, and almost every weekend telling stories on one of our back porches. So much has happened over the last decade. They moved to Dallas, our kids are growing up. But no matter how much time or distance goes between us, Kristi will always be like a sister to me. She's the type of person who always hugs you a little tighter, and who seems like she's kind of made out of sunshine. And clearly the apples don't fall far from the tree.

The picture above is the only serious shot I got, and it lasted about two seconds before she burst into laughter again. So much fun to shoot, and such a sweetheart.


As a side note, if you're in the Dallas, Frisco or Plano area and need a real estate agent, call Kristi! She is really good and fun to work with.