You know how stuff that is a few months away always seems doable? Like when a friend asks if you want to run a marathon and you respond in horror because she's clearly trying to murder you. But then she clarifies that it's 3 months out and your response changes to, "Oh DEFINITELY! I'm for sure going to be an olympic athlete by then." And then the next day it's 3 months later, and of course you're still watching Housewives marathons and surfing Pinterest.

This is what Australia was for me. At the beginning of this year, I had all these ideas. I'd been going back and forth with my friend, (amazing photographer), Rachel. We were thinking about collaborating on something together in Australia, where she lives. We weren't sure what, but I had Australia so much on my mind that I even named a bag after one of their most famous cities. Then crazy schedules happened and the months time-warped in their usual way. And a huge trip like that just seemed out of the question. 

Then a couple weeks ago, life got weird in the best way. Out of the blue, my friend  Sarah called to ask if I'd like to check some things off my Life List in Australia. Um... first of all, who gets calls like this? Because definitely not me. She went on to explain that Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand, had partnered with Go Mighty to sponsor a trip for ten people. So, in the a strangest twist of unbelievable, it turns out that I actually am going to Australia after all. What's equally exciting is that I get to go with one of my best friends, Karen. And we worked it out so we'll also get to see Rachel and Brisbane-based (awesome) photographer Hailey Bartholemew too.

So that has been my last week. Not too bad, and definitely not normal. BUT this is not just about me. Because you guys, there's a chance you could go, too! All you have to do is sign up for an account on Go Mighty, and add some Australian-based goals. They will choose one member (plus a friend!) for a dream trip of your own. Details for "Win a Wild Card ticket to Australia" are here.

And if you think you might want to go to Australia on your own next year, they're also running another campaign called "Fill-A-Plane" , where you can sign up to be one of 322 people who will get a crazy discount on air travel. Score. 

If you don't have a Life List, I highly recommend making one. Goals are more tangible when you say them out loud. And Go Mighty really is the best place to keep your list. As is evidenced by this post, they are clearly in the business of making impossible stuff happen for people. Read tons of other people's stories here.

A million thank you's to them, as well as Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand!  


And I know this post is long, but just for fun I'm going to give away a Sydney bag! Comment on this post, tell us one thing you'd like to do in Australia. Each comment will be entered, and I'll choose a winner Thursday by 12:00 CST. Don't forget to include your email so we can notify you! GOOD LUCK!  

*Please note, the Sydney bag giveaway is totally separate, and not connected to everything else mentioned above. Comments on this post will be entered for the Sydney bag giveaway only.



Edited: September 19th



We'll be in touch with you soon!

And thank you to everyone who participated! :)  

1st Goal Completed!

1st Goal Completed!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes