Australia: Hamilton Island

I got back from Australia just about two weeks ago, and already it feels like a lifetime away. I've had trouble when thinking about how to write about this trip. Partly because it's been so long since I've blogged consistently. The few things I have written about are just promos or pretty pictures. And I hate the idea that I'm perpetuating some kind of myth that my life is only full of shiny smiles and vacations. For the record, it's not. Just today, (and really, on any average day), I've run the gamut of emotions reading other people's blog posts or status updates and thought, "wow, she has it so easy", or "why didn't I get invited?", or "I wish I had it all together, like her". I'm not sure we're (I'm) made to process so much information. And I hate the way the internet can make us feel sometimes. 

On the other hand, it's not every day that someone calls you out of the blue, and offers you the job of photographing a dream vacation. So I don't want to come across like I'm whining or ungrateful. I am. In fact, I'm still a little dumb-struck and unsure that this whole thing even happened. Every day there was unbelievable, in the best way.

And the biggest gifts of the trip, were the ones I hadn't anticipated. Like getting to meet Hailey and see Rachel. It's funny how you can be in the most spectacular place, but the things you remember most fondly are not ever things.

So we started in Brisbane, and that's when I realized I brought my old, BROKEN camera. You know how it's always a little nerve-wracking to meet someone new? Well, it's even more fun to add on a problem that needs immediate solving. "Hi Hailey, I'm so thrilled to meet you. I know you and your adorable husband drove an hour, and have been waiting and are probably starving. But guess what? I have to find the nearest camera storel." So that's the first thing I did in Australia. And they were so sweet and accommodating and didn't even ask once how in the hell someone who has been shooting for twenty years brings a broken camera to the other side of the world.

Eventually we had a nice lunch and they took us around their lovely city. I'd post pictures, but seeing as the camera wasn't charged yet, the ones I had are already on instagram.  

The next day, Karen, Hailey and I boarded a plane to Hamilton Island which is the kind of place that makes you feel like the world has been photoshopped. 


We stayed at the Beach Club, and y'all... Australia is apparently too good for pigeons.  


The server had to shoo them away because the sugar content is not good for them. But they don't care, and won't go to rehab, and are apparently so smart that if you left your door open they would locksmith open your cabinets. 

We took a boat out to snorkel off Whitehaven beach. You can read more about that here and here. I'm not really sure why we came home.  



There's a lot more to write about. But I think this post is getting long. So I will save it for another day, and just post some pics from a lunch we had at Qualia: another place that is making me wonder why I did not find someone to marry while I was there, just for dual citizenship. Because really, I think Jason would understand.


I hope you all have a fun Halloween tonight!  Tell your kids to run from anyone handing out flyers instead of candy!

Big huge thanks to Toursim Australia, Air Newzealand, and Go Mighty for making this trip and these amazing memories possible. If you want to read about the goals I checked off my life list while I was there, click HERE